Neutral Zurich AG is a communications, identityand thought leadership agency servicing brands, companies, institutions andcities.  The long-term goal of thecollaboration with SCULPTURE AT includes establishing visibility in theSwiss-German side of Switzerland, as well as in the neighbouring GermanSpeaking countries. Neutral will Define and create a media list for outreach inprint, radio, tv, and online; Continuously develop new angles and storylinesfor media; Send out media kit and handle all press requests; Pitch stories tomedia; and Handle press-clippings and monitor Report activity.

Kunstbetrieb AG will work closely with selectedartists to offer technical advice, planning and production in metals andnumerous organic and inorganic materials, and will provide artists with theopportunity to realise their projects according to their individual needs andvision. Our lead contact is Lea Whineyates Hess.

wearegoat design and build websites. They willcreate a unique graphic identity for SCULPTURE AT that is emblematic of itsmission and values, as well as create the website for the organisation.

VITRINE is a gallery with a hybrid businessmodel, focused on artistic experimentation and emerging interdisciplinarypractices. The gallery was founded in London in 2010, with a second space inVogesenplatz Basel opened in 2016. VITRINE ran a publicly funded /non-commercial 'Sculpture At Bermondsey Square' project between 2014 and 2018in London, which has laid the groundwork and gives important experience forSCULPTURE AT Verein / Basel. VITRINE offers support-in-kind to this project andAlys Williams is a Director of both organisations. However, they are twoseparate companies. She brings her existing relationship with Vogesenplatz andits owners, which is allowing us to position the project as a neighbour to thegallery in the public square. We have the ambition for SCULPTURE AT to in thefuture occupy other public spaces in Basel, Switzerland, and/or abroad, but itmakes sense to launch the programme in a development we already know and withthe help of this partnership.

Brunnmatt Primary School in Gundeldingen enrollsaround 500 children in its diverse school location.This includes 7 kindergartens, 18 primary school classes and a lively daystructure. Youth Public Engagement Coordinator, Simone Flüeler, and theprimary school teacher Annina Scherrer will develop a customised programme foreach SCULPTURE AT commission.

Stellwerk, Vogesenplatz is a co-working spacefor self-employed cultural and creative workers from all industries. Inaddition, the Stellwerk is also a meeting point in the St. Johann quarter, withrestaurants  Perron and Il GiardinoUrbano pizzeria, and in-house brewery Gleis1, steambath and Bike Trial Academy.SCULPTURE AT will host its Symposium with Stellwerk, as well as smaller privateand public events surrounding the programme.